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Gavril Yushvaev is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with an estimated fortune of over $1.6B. Mr. Yushvaev is known as a professional with his hands in a variety of industries, leveraging his acumen to help organizations maximize their impact and experience sustainable growth.


Gavril Yushvaev began his journey within the investment space at Wimm-Bill-Dann, a juice and dairy company based in Europe. After making his first investment in the 1990s, Wim-Bill-Ban eventually went public with a majority of shares being sold to PepsiCo in 2010. During this time, Gavril was able to sell his 19.6% stake for a significant profit after assisting with the strategic vision of the company through his role on the Board of Directors.

Founding the Yushvaev Family Office

Gavril Yushvaev Russia

In the time since his first investments, Gavril Yushvaev has built a reputation as an entrepreneur and investor profoundly interested in making a difference in several industries. To better maximize his impact and partner with organizations leading the charge towards innovation, Gavril founded the Yushvaev Family Office.

The Yushvaev Family Office is dedicated to investing in and partnering with companies leveraging technological advancements to improve our quality of life and make positive differences within our communities. The Yushvaev Family Office has made a point to invest in companies that are involved with technology, healthcare, agriculture, and transportation. To date, the office has made investments in companies including Humacyte, Roivant Sciences, Lyft, Domo, Delivery Hero, and Bird.

Philanthropy Work and Commitment to Giving Back to Communities

Gavril Yushvaev is a philanthropist who remains committed to helping others within his community. Through the Yushvaev Family Office and solo endeavors, Mr. Yushvaev has donated millions of dollars to charity organizations and non-profits that are working towards a more equitable, safe, and secure future for those who need assistance and access to resources. Gavril is especially interested in giving back to healthcare institutions and organizations addressing global challenges, providing funding that empowers them to improve their research and development capabilities as well as increase access to quality care and support.

Gavril strongly believes that making a positive impact on those in need is the responsibility of those with the ability to do so, as it contributes to a better world for all. With this in mind, he is consistently looking for new opportunities to refine his commitment to philanthropy and accepts inquiries and proposals for partnership through the Yushvaev Family Office.— Your Platform for Entrepreneurial, Investment, and Philanthropy Insights

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Mr. Yushvaev recognizes that, in today’s world, many people are interested in furthering their understanding of how they can find success in business while giving back to others within their communities along the way.

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Gavril Yushvaev Russia

Access Technology Resources

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Learn More About Philanthropy and Volunteer Opportunities

One of Gavril’s passions is philanthropy work, as he enjoys partnering with organizations that align with his ideals of building a better future for our communities. Gavril recognizes that many of us would like to give back to groups and benefit from resources that demystify the process of philanthropy and volunteering. Whether you are a new or experienced philanthropist looking to harness strategies to help your favorite orgs as they fight some of our world’s most pressing challenges, expect future content to empower you to access opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

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